Ryder invests in its future and enters the world of BIM

We have recently invested in our future making sure we stay ahead of the curve and bought ourselves some shiny new software, bringing our BIM capabilities up to speed. We are now the proud owners of both Autodesk Revit and 3D Civils. Having seen an increasing demand from our existing clients and with one eye…

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Water, water everywhere

  I was invited to present at a very interesting meeting recently in Whitehall at RUSI – the Royal United Services Institute to discuss about how services have responded to the current flood situation and how flood risk might be handled in the future. RUSI look at risk and conflict throughout the globe and have…

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Still from remote controlled aerial helicopter flight
The power of floods

  Floods have tremendous power, you only need to stand by a river in spate or watch waves crash against a sea wall to see that. However they have another great power, they manage to move Politicians out of Westminster to demonstrate their leadership qualities and empathy with flood victims. They wish to show their…

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Pictures of 'Growth' being fabricated @CBrammall studio before being installed at Hornsbridge Island #Chesterfield

22 hours ago

Highly recommend make your own ice cream at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm for adults & kids of all ages, very reasonably priced to! Yum Yum!

3 weeks ago

The new favourite ice-lolly related office treat!!

4 weeks ago

Interesting visitor to the office today! Can anyone give us an ID?

4 weeks ago

In the sugar came fields of the Caribbean or the maize fields of deepest darkest Cheshire!

4 weeks ago