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Ryder invests in its future and enters the world of BIM


We have recently invested in our future making sure we stay ahead of the curve and bought ourselves some shiny new software, bringing our BIM capabilities up to speed. We are now the proud owners of both Autodesk Revit and 3D Civils. Having seen an increasing demand from our existing clients and with one eye to attracting new ones, we felt the time was right to take the plunge. Having spent a period of time debating what the best software for us, as Landscape Architects, is we finally settled on Revit and 3D Civils. They are fully compatible and when combined allow us to work closely with the rest of the design team and contactor on those elements of a scheme we are used to controlling and influencing, Revit for above ground proposals and 3D Civils for land form and below ground proposals. We are now able to combine our model with that of an architects or civil engineers to better understand how a scheme works and where the clashes are.

As a result of our investment we have recently become an active member of the North Wales BIM Hub and we look forward to working with the rest of the hub team to promote BIM across the North Wales Region.

With a number of schemes already testing our new found skills and capabilities and some exciting ones in the pipeline, we look forward to benefiting from the efficiencies working in 3D will bring us and our clients. We are currently working at BIM level 2 and hope to further this as we meet and work with other BIM proficient consultants and clients.