Alder Hay Children’s Hospital Research Campus

Ryder Landscape Consultants worked alongside Ryder Architecture to develop proposals for a new Research Campus at Alder Hay Children’s Hospital as part of an open competition, the team was shortlisted to the final stage and asked to develop initial ideas for the campus masterplan and first phase of the scheme.

The masterplan for the site took its lead from the adjacent park and included a series of green fingers that penetrated through the development creating a number of green links from the park to the main road. These green fingers then informed the built form of the development with the buildings inhabiting the spaces between them. The landscape of the campus wrapped up and over a centre service and car park access road hiding it from view and creating an interesting undulating form in the process. Access to the outdoor spaces associate with the campus was achieved from multiple levels within each of the buildings creating a series of layered spaces that act as breakout areas for building users to enjoy. Due to the raised level long distance views over the adjacent part where achieved.

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