Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens was founded in 1829, and throughout its history has always been a self-financing venture.  The gardens are always changing to meet the challenges of an evolving society and are now looking forward to understand what further options may be available to them to ensure that Birmingham Botanical Gardens continues as a successful venture for years to come.

Ryder Landscape Consultants were appointed in October 2013 to undertake a Historic landscape appraisal of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  The report identifies, describes and summarises the historic story of the gardens and proposes the level of significance for each individual garden area.  Further to the historic appraisal, a landscape masterplan outlining future options for the gardens was produced.

These documents are intended to be used as a discussion document with potential funders; as a starting point for further research and as a basis to further understand which areas of the garden should be retained as historic gems, and which may be redeveloped for new and exciting uses for the future.

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