Colwyn Bay Watersports Hotspot

Ryder Landscape Consultants teamed up with Liverpool based K2 Architects to produce conceptual designs for Colwyn Bay Watersports Hotspot located along the old promenade as part of a design competition held by Conwy County Borough Council.  The design briefs objectives was to provide new coastal defence which incorporated a new watersports centre that would drive the economic regeneration of this once popular and successful coastal resort. On winning the competition Ryder Landscape Consultants and K2 Architects went on to develop design and deliver it on site.

The design focused around movement and the emotion of living by the sea. The building was designed to allow access onto the roof via two ramps either side of the building. This allowed for a dynamic approach to the public realm design allowing users to access all areas of the scheme, whether it be through the building, over the building or by going around it.

The promenade was treated as an extension of the existing beach and a connections to it were created by the using exposed aggregate as the main surfacing material. Bold lines created from coloured resin bounded aggregate created intimate areas along the promenade and also opportunities for coastal planting, seating and public art. The flow of the promenade around the building allowing for spaces to be created to accommodate outdoor learning for watersports, dining and play. High quality paving materials were used in these areas to emphasis the nature of their use.

Spaces on top of the roof were created by changes in paving material and pattern with concrete seating designed for people to enjoy the views and also interact with one another. Bold paving lines again were introduced to create connects with the promenade and lower level. The movement around the scheme would be decided by the user and each direction allowed for a different experience.

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