Donna Nook Managed Realignment

Ryder Landscape Consultants produced Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) for the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process for a planning application for the managed realignment of sea defences adjacent to Donna Nook, aligning the Lincolnshire coast. We provided comprehensive expert input into the Environment Statement as well as design support to the consulting marine and transport engineers. Furthermore, we produced public consultation presentations to illustrate what the scheme was intending to achieve and how we were going to achieve it so that the local residents could feel a part of the planning process and gain a feel for localism in practise.

The scheme comprised of major engineering works to construct new defences, respective of local character and structure, inland from the existing alignment which would then be allowed to erode naturally into the surrounding salt marshes. The scheme was located within highly sensitive landscapes, highly valued on a national scale.

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