Morpeth Flood Aleviation Scheme

Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme

Ryder Landscape Consultants were commissioned to provide urban design and environmental site selection expertise to a global engineering firm leading on design to protect the historic town of Morpeth from flooding from the River Wansbeck that flows through its heart. Our role was to ensure that the civil engineering designs for flood defences were successfully assimilated into the sensitive urban grain and character of this old market town.

Our role developed to successfully complete on a major scheme of public engagement to allay the fears of the local population and communicate effectively the intentions of the Environment Agency. We planned the consultation process, produced illustrative material provided staff to meet flood victims and analysed feedback to the deep appreciation of the Environment Agency’s consultation manager.

Residential interfaces frequently occurred within our urban scope of works and we successfully gained public approval for the routing of major engineering works through private back gardens where previous schemes had failed on this point.

The scheme saw a implementation of a flood retention dam installed on private land outside the town with a number of flood walls and embankments running through private gardens and the town centre. We were responsible for producing the detailed landscape mitigation package for these works which entailed close sensitive consultation with local planning authorities and local residents.